Located on the St. Louis River Estuary in Superior, Wisconsin

The Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve works in partnership to improve the understanding of Lake Superior’s coast and estuaries. We address issues affecting the watershed through integration of research, education, outreach and stewardship.

Lake Superior Estuarium

a better future

The Lake Superior Estuarium, our new public interpretive center, creates a better future through community, collaboration and place-based education.

students using interactive map table at Lake Superior Reserve Learning Center
The US Environmental Protection Agency and WI Department of Natural Resources are co-leading the effort and working with other federal and state agencies and contractors to monitor water quality in response to the industrial fire in Superior. The Lake Superior Reserve and other science organizations in the Twin Ports are offering support. The scientific process is deliberative and, while we are collecting data in real time, we do not have immediate analysis. If you have time sensitive questions about water quality, please contact public agencies. If you have specific questions about the refinery fire contact Rachel Bassler, Public Information Officer with the EPA, bassler.rachel@epa.gov or (312) 886-7159.


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St. Louis River Estuary

The St. Louis River Estuary is a rich, unique and diverse place to explore. From sandy beaches to protected bays valued for bass, walleye and muskie fishing, to the wild Red River Breaks, the St. Louis River provides a wilderness experience within 10 minutes of the Twin Ports.

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