January-May 2021 • VIRTUAL

Science Communication Strategies for a Changing Lake Superior

It’s a complex world, and the need for clear communication has never been greater. This learning series provides opportunities to build your science communication skills and reflect on how to tell meaningful stories about your work. Hosted by the Lake Superior Reserve’s Coastal Training Program and the Lake Superior Collaborative, this series is designed to help you gain confidence in your communication skills whether you are a scientific researcher, government employee, or in any line of work related to science or Lake Superior coastal management. This series will alternate between virtual workshops and webinars from January through May of 2021.

Virtual Workshops

Actively build your skills and apply communication best practices to your own work. Learn from experts and become more confident in your ability to deliver an effective message to different audiences.

  • Offered at no charge
  • Workshop space is LIMITED and reserved on a first-come first-served basis
  • Registration closes one week prior to the event.


Tune in as professional communicators, journalists, and outreach specialists share perspectives on what it takes to effectively communicate a science-based message. These webinars provide the opportunity to ask experts questions in an interactive virtual space.

  • Offered at no charge
  • Webinar space is NOT LIMITED
  • Registration open until the day of the event

Science Communication Series Schedule







Karina Heim, Coastal Training Program Coordinator