Every day, coastal dwellers make decisions that affect the natural, cultural and aesthetic resources of their coasts. Sound coastal stewardship requires that people who regularly make decisions about estuaries and coastal communities have the best available science at their fingertips. The Lake Superior Reserve keeps decision makers informed of the latest science about estuaries and coastal wetlands through the Coastal Training Program (CTP).

CTP transforms coastal decision makers into coastal leaders by providing skills training and knowledge through workshops, field trips and classes on a range of scientific topics, from water quality and pollution to watershed planning, development and habitat restoration. CTP facilitates discussion and collaboration among decision makers, as well as opportunities to work with partners to support coastal leaders in their efforts to understand the role of human activity on the coastal environment.

Potential coastal leaders could come from anywhere, but CTP is geared especially toward land and water resource managers, community planners, watershed council workers and volunteers and wetland restoration specialists. Through CTP, the Reserve offers workshops, seminars, hands-on skills training and technical demonstrations, as well as technical assistance for stakeholder training, meeting facilitation and training and evaluation design.

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