Specialized Spaces for Research and Learning

Our facilities provide a gathering place, educational opportunities and support economic development through research and tourism. The Lake Superior Reserve occupies two waterfront buildings on Barker’s Island near Route 53 in Superior. Our buildings, which we purchased in 2011 through funds obtained through a grant from NOAA, are part of the UW-Superior campus. The buildings house our administrative offices and offices for the Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, as well as a dock-side laboratory, a public science and interpretive learning center and classrooms.

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Our dockside laboratory is available to visiting and partnering researchers.
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Research Facilities

Tools for your research

The Reserve’s research facilities include a meeting room, student work stations and a 1,300 sq. ft. dockside laboratory. The lab is available to visiting and partnering researchers and houses equipment for water quality analysis and other scientific research.

• SEAL AA3 AutoAnalyzer
• Milli-Q Direct 3 Type I water (???)
• Water Quality Sondes (EXO, 6600)
• Fluorometer
• Autoclave
• Analytical balance
• Drying oven
• Chemical hood
• Vacuum pumps, fridge and freezer

Additionally, the Lake Superior Research Institute (LSRI), housed at UW-Superior, maintains several aquatic biology and chemistry labs. Visiting researchers should contact LSRI directly for more information.


Shon Schooler, Ph. D

water quality monitoring in St. Louis River
Research boat pulling up to shoreline

Research Boat

The Reserve owns and operates a 19 ft. shallow draft, high-capacity boat, which is available—along with an operator—to visiting researchers and educators.


Shon Schooler, Ph. D

Research boat pulling up to shoreline

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Dormitory Space

Dormitory space is available to visiting researchers for a nominal fee through UW-Superior. Availability is limited, and we encourage prospective visiting researchers to contact UW-Superior Residence Life as early as possible. The UW-Superior campus is 1.5 miles from our Barker’s Island facilities.


UW-Superior Residence Life

The Lake Superior Estuarium

A Gathering Place for Exploration

The Lake Superior Estuarium, opening Fall 2017, will create a better future through community, collaboration and place-based education in the Lake Superior Watershed. The Estuarium exhibit hall will house fun, family-centered exhibits that tell the story of the St. Louis River Estuary, Lake Superior and the communities on their shores.

Visiting the Estuarium will be free, though donations are welcome. It will be open to the public Thursday-Sunday in the Summer (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend) from 10AM-5:30PM and Friday-Saturday in the off season from 10AM-4:30PM.

Visit The Lake Superior Estuarium
The Lake Superior Estuarium

Classroom & Meeting Space

Confluence Room

The Lake Superior Estuarium will include a well-equipped classroom and meeting space and offices for the Friends of the Lake Superior Reserve and visiting researchers or students. To reserve the Confluence Room for your non-profit, government or business group, please contact the Reserve. The facility is not currently available for private events.


Lake Superior Reserve

young students looking at map of Lake Superior in Learning Center classroom